Cargo Charter and Freight Services

Aircraft Charter & ACMI

Star Jet Aviation specializes in providing high-quality Cargo Aircraft Charter Services to shippers, consolidators, freight forwarders and logistics customers all over the world. We have partnered with air cargo carriers globally to offer cargo aircraft on Full Charter or ACMI - from ATR 42’s and 72’s with payloads up to 5 or 6 tons for short regional duties to Boeing B747-800F’s and Antonov AN124’s capable of carrying 120 tons or more for long haul inter-continental operations - all at the most competitive prices available.

Total Service

In addition to providing the appropriate aircraft at the most favourable price, we understand that a successful air cargo charter operation requires a comprehensive knowledge of all the essential components necessary to operate the program. This includes dealing with aviation authorities in various countries, terminal and ground handling, overflight permissions, traffic rights, airport slot availability, fuelling and technical issues, and more.

We offer a comprehensive service covering all aspects of the charter project, which means we work in partnership with you, from the initial identification of the right aircraft and carrier at the best available rates, to ensuring that all the regulatory and technical issues have been addressed and cleared throughout the operation, whether it is a one-off ad-hoc flight or a multi-year scheduled program.

Global Operations

Our expertise extends globally - we are able to operate from all major hubs in Asia, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We have a team of experienced aircraft charter experts who are readily available to ensure the most cost-effective aircraft for the routes that best fit your requirements.

Our Services Include

• Identification of appropriate cargo aircraft for your cargo and route
• Negotiation of rates, submission of quotes, Letters of Intent and draft contracts
• Contract negotiation on payment terms, deposits, cancelations and refunds
• Advice and consultancy on all regulatory and technical issues pertaining to the routes required.
• Help and support throughout the contract in case of need, AOG or other unforeseen circumstance.

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